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Why Confirmation?

Confirmation is a very important part of Christian education in the home and at church where you grow your faith, grow in God’s love, and grow in living a Christian life. Students may begin confirmation as early as the 4th grade and are confirmed upon completion of requirements.  

Your Confirmation Day is the time when you personally and publicly affirm the baptismal vows made for you when you were baptized. Your Confirmation Day marks a milestone; however, it is not the end. It is not a graduation, but rather it is a commitment we make to walk with Christ and live out our faith. You will continue to grow spiritually to understand how God and faith work in our every day lives in what we say … in what we do … and in how we live.

Goals and Responsibilities of Zion’s Confirmation Program

There are 3 goals to our confirmation program:

To guide families in learning the foundation of our Christian Faith using the infallible Word of God and Luther’s Small Catechism.

To encourage families to develop their faith together, affirm their baptismal promises and understand their assured salvation through Jesus Christ. 

To assist parents in their journey of teaching their children about Christ and engage families to live a legacy of faith. 

  Confirmation Handbook 2022-2023
 8th grade confirmation questions