Wedding Planning

rings_11087cYour wedding day is one of the most exciting and important days of your life! The dreams you and your fiancé have been spinning, the fond hopes you have cherished, the plans you have for your future lives together – all are soon to be realized as you speak your vows of wedlock before the Altar of the Lord and kneel to ask the blessing of your Savior upon your marriage.

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Wedding Planning

The first step toward the fulfillment of your dreams after you have tentatively set a date and time for your wedding is to call the Pastor to begin the formal planning of your wedding. Never make the serious mistake of planning the wedding, in any of its details, before you have spoken personally to him. He may not be free when you want him. The church may not be available at the time you desire. Or in planning details, you may have made arrangements which do not conform to the principles of your church and your congregation. You may save some disappointment if you remember this first step.

After a date has been confirmed, you and the Pastor will make arrangements for pre-marital discussions and planning. There will usually be several sessions with the Pastor, THE FIRST MEETING NORMALLY TO TAKE PLACE AT LEAST THREE TO FOUR MONTHS PRIOR TO THE WEDDING.

Checklist for Bride & Groom

1. Wedding Date:
2. Time:
3. Pre-marital Counseling Dates:
4. Take Prepare Inventory: used during pre-marital counseling (cost $35.00)
5. Rehearsal Date:
6. Time:
7. Hymns or solos and order of service chosen?
8. Approved by Pastor?
9. Will music for the solo need to be played over the speaker system?
10. (Contact the church office if the speaker system will need to be used for special music.)
11. Organist:
12. Soloist:
13. Florist:
14. Photographer:
15. Time Pictures will be taken:
16. Aisle runner? (Aisle runners must be obtained from florist. The aisle is approximately 100 ft—23 rows of pews. Options for attaching bows to the pews are: wreath hangers, ribbon, or elastic.)
17. Flowers Ordered? Are they to remain in the church for Sunday worship service?
18. Will a Unity Candle/Sand be used? (The Unity Candle should brought to the rehearsal.)
19. Invitations ordered and sent?
20. Is the wedding service to be recorded?
21. How many rings?

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