ZionoutsideZion Lutheran Church of Bismarck, North Dakota, is the largest congregation in the North Dakota District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Total baptized membership currently approaches 1,500 members. From very meager beginnings dating as early as 1904, Zion Lutheran Church (formerly known as St.Johns Lutheran Church until 1924) has enjoyed the blessings of God as Word and Sacrament ministry have been administered faithfully by twelve pastors.


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The history of German Lutheranism in Bismarck finds its beginnings in the early 1900s. Original Zion buildingThere is evidence that some worship services were available for resident German Lutherans in Bismarck as early as 1904. It was not until June of 1913 that the first resident missionary was assigned to the area. It was 1914 before work in earnest with German people began specifically in Bismarck. Prior to 1914 weddings and other social functions were held in the local Methodist Church building. From these early dates the Divine Services were held in a Norwegian Lutheran Church building later to be called Trinity Lutheran Church. On April 30, 1924, the congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church was re-organized and renamed Zion Lutheran Church with the dedication of the first church building located at 419 N 4th Street, Bismarck on September 25, 1925. In 1950 the congregation broke ground for a new larger church building. The new building church viewwas to be located on Avenue D. On September 2, 1950 the last services were held at the little white church. Dedication of the new church basement which would serve as the new church home for Zion took place September 9, 1950. Construction began on the superstructure in 1956. The new sanctuary was dedicated in March of 1957. Zion is a part of the Bismarck/Mandan Lutheran School Association and the Martin Luther School. In the spring of 2003 and the summer of 2008 Zion completed two renovation and remodeling projects on the education wing. These projects will help Martin Lutheran School continue to grow in their ministry to the Bismarck/Mandan community.

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