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Why Pre-Plan your Funeral?
1. It brings the subject out into the open and provides the family with an opportunity to share openly their thoughts and feelings about death and dying which might otherwise never be discussed or aired.
2. It shows love and concern for one’s survivors.
3. It allows a person to make his/her wishes clearly known.
4. It eases the burden often placed upon survivors of making major decision at an extremely emotional time.
5. It reduces disagreement between survivors regarding what should be done.
6. It assures that you have “set you house in order” and that you will receive the type of disposition you desire.
7. It diminishes the feeling of regret and guilt that so often surrounds death.
8 It promotes wise unemotional financial decisions.
9. It avoids costly and inappropriate expenses (emotional overspending).

Organ Donations
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod encourages the donation of organs. At its 1981 National Convention the synod passed a resolution encouraging its members to become living organ donors. This donation is seen as an opportunity to help others out of love for Christ, through the donation of organs.

• Any person 18 years of age or older may donate all or part of his/her body after death for transplantation, research, or placement is a tissue bank.
• If a donor has not acted in his/her lifetime to specify a wish to donate, his/her survivors may do so in a specified order of priority (spouse, adult child, either parent, etc.).
• Hospital staff will inform the family of all specifics regarding organ transplantation at the hospital.
• The donor has the right to revoke the gift, and those for whom it is intended may also reject it. The donor arrangement has time limitations and must be reviewed periodically.

Methods of Making an Organ Donation:
Place the organ donation preference on your Driver’s license.Complete a uniform Donors Card.


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